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How To Get Spell Books In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

One of the most valuable resources in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are spell books. Naturally, that means they are also one of the hardest to come across. You will need to team up with friends in order to maximize the amount of spell books you collect, so convince your friends to join in the action!


Spell books come into play once you hit level six and choose your profession: Auror, Magizoologist, or Professor. As you advance along your profession's skill tree, you will need to use scrolls and spell books to unlock certain strengths and abilities. Scrolls drop fairly regularly, but spell books are needed for many of the more powerful abilities, and they only come from one place: fortresses, the giant red-roofed buildings full of all sorts of enemies.

Casual players may have avoided fortresses; they are the most "video game"-like aspect of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. These imposing buildings are quite a challenge; you must work together with other players in order to best the dark wizards and monsters within. As you work your way through each tier of a fortress, the rewards for everyone participating in the battle get better. These fortress rewards are currently the only way to obtain spell books. 


It will take a lot of fortress battles for you to obtain enough spell books to reach the top of your profession. Practice your spellcasting to get the most out of every encounter, and happy hunting!

Source: Game Rant