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How To Unlock Everything In Super Mario Maker 2

In the first Super Mario Maker, you had to unlock items, level themes, and other features by creating and uploading levels. In Super Mario Maker 2, that's not necessary. Everything that you need to create almost any level you can imagine is available in Super Mario Maker 2 from the very beginning.


But Super Mario Maker 2 is still a Mario game, and Nintendo has hidden a few secrets in its latest level-making game. If you want to unlock Super Mario Maker 2's Donkey Kong throwback, the Super Hammer, you'll have to bring Peach's Castle to 100% completion in Story Mode. That means you'll have to finish about 60 stages (out of about 100). The effort is worth it: the Super Hammer lets players create their own blocks while playing, destroys all kinds of obstacles, and can defeat many enemies in a single hit.

Similarly, you can earn the Superball Flower, the signature power-up from the Game Boy's Super Mario Land, by finishing some of the Toads' missions. First, wake up Yellow Toad by completing Purple Toad's "POW Block Wake-Up Call!" as soon as it's available. Do Yellow Toad's "Buried Stones," "Cat-Scratch Stone," and "Stone from the River." Then, check back in with Purple Toad. You should find "Spiny Shell Smashers," which unlocks the Superball Flower, waiting for you.


Finally, Super Mario Maker 2's physics-altering Night Mode isn't a secret, but it is a little hard to find at first. To unlock Night Mode, add the Angry Sun to your level, then press down on it using the touchscreen or your Joy-Con buttons to change it to the Moon. Once that's done, your level will switch from day to night, and a permanent day/night toggle will be added to your main menu.