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How To Cast Better Spells In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

No matter how you play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you're going to have to cast spells. Whether you see the game as something casual to do while you walk your dog, or you're organizing your highest level friends to raid a fortress, you won't get far in the game without the core spellcasting mechanic.


There are a few reasons why you should get better at casting spells. Each time you start an encounter in Wizards Unite, there are four ranks you can achieve for a successful spell: Fair, Good, Great, and Masterful. A higher rank will net you an XP bonus (up to 100 extra for a Masterful casting), plus you will be more likely to succeed with a higher rank. This will cause you to spend less energy retrying the spell.

One easy way to improve your spellcasting is to turn off the AR mode. "Augmented Reality" means you look through your phone and see goblins, a daily prophet stand, etc. in the real world through your screen. AR also adds an extra step to spellcasting, though: you have to line up your phone and hold it steady as you trace the spell. Hit the button in the top right corner to toggle this option; then you'll only have to trace.


Two things affect your rank when you cast a spell: speed and accuracy. As soon as you start tracing a spell, the green bar at the top of the screen will start moving down. Depending on your accuracy, it may move up or down once the spell is complete. For high level spells, speed is critical to nailing a Masterful rank. Generally speaking, speed is more important, as long as you can approximate the spell shape.

Source: Game Rant