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How To Fight In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Fighting dark wizards and monsters is a key to reaching higher levels in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Fighting is similar to regular spellcasting, but the differences might not be readily apparent. This can cause some frustration early on, but here's what you need to know to succeed and become a world-class fighter.


There are two ways to fight in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: entering fortresses and finding "Odditie" traces on the map. Fortresses are the red-roofed castles, and you'll need to fight multiple foes inside. Oddities are traces that look like wands with a purple circle around them. The beam of light coming off the top of an Odditie can tell you the difficulty of what you'll find: no beam for easy fights, yellow beams for medium fights, and red beams for difficult fights.

In general, fights are a series of spells, just like you would cast when dealing with confoundables. You will need to line up your cursor on top of the icon that appears over whatever you're fighting, then quickly trace the spell. Do it well, and you'll inflict damage.


Occasionally, you'll need to play defense. If you are attacked, quickly swipe the direction you see on your screen. Do it right, and you'll mitigate most of the damage.

You can use potions during fights to help by tapping the button in the bottom right corner. Use these for difficult battles or to replenish spell energy during a fight.

Finally, when attacking a fortress, you can also use strategic spells. These are unlocked once you've selected a profession, and will give you (and your team!) benefits to help you take down the hardest challenges. You will fill up the bar at the bottom of the screen as you defeat foes; tap the strategic spell to use it.