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What Is The Best Profession In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Picking a profession in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite can seem daunting, but it's really not as earth-shattering as it seems initially. Each of the three professions — Auror, Professor, and Magizoologist — can fill many roles on a team, and all of the game's content is available to you no matter which you choose.


Each profession has an enemy type they receive a bonus against (a "Proficient" bonus) and an enemy type they are weaker ("Deficient") against.

Aurors are the biggest damage dealers in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Their specific spells are generally designed to hamper an enemy's ability to fight. They are proficient against dark forces and deficient against beasts.

Magizoologists are tanks and healers. They specialize in absorbing frontline damage and boosting their teammates. They are proficient against beasts and deficient against curiosity enemies. 

Finally, Professors are somewhat in the middle. They can deal some damage, but not as much as Aurors. They can heal and support their teammates, but not as well as Magizoologists. They are proficient against curiosity enemies and deficient against dark forces.


So which is best? The balance between professions will most likely change as the game ages, but Professors seem to be the overall best. Their ability to adapt to situations, aid their teammates, but still deal more overall damage than Magizoologists seems to push them over the top.

However, no profession has such an inherent advantage or disadvantage over the others to claim it as a must-pick. Also, you are free to change your profession in-game at any time. Don't agonize too much over your calling; you can swap to another if you don't like your choice.