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Latest The Last Of Us 2 Rumor Points To February 2020 Release Date

Six years have passed since Naughty Dog released their critically acclaimed survival horror title The Last of Us. With the sequel nearing the end of its development cycle, eager fans continue to look for signs of a release on the horizon. Based on the latest rumor, you may not have much longer to wait.


According to an alleged leak The Last of Us 2 will launch in February 2020. This is not the first rumor to point towards this window; Ashley Johnson, the actress who plays Ellie, also hinted at a February 2020 release during a recent interview with Critical Roll.

Beyond the targeted launch, the leak suggests players will have four editions to choose from when purchasing The Last of Us 2: a Standard Edition, a Special Edition, a Collector's Edition, and an Ellie Edition. The leak did not provide information about what the different editions would contain. Players who purchase editions other than Standard can likely expect soundtracks, cases, artwork, and similar. Such bonuses have become the industry norm for special game bundles.


This information comes from a post made on Chinese forum A9VG. Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, translated and shared the post on ResetEra. According to Ahmad, the leaker in question predicted the November release date for Death Stranding prior to the official announcement, lending a modicum of credibility to their latest claim. Like all rumors, treat this leak with a healthy dose of skepticism. If it proves true, you can expect Naughty Dog to make an official announcement soon given that February 2020 is only seven months away.

Based on other rumors, players may get to meet Ellie's mother, Anna, during the sequel. According to established game lore, Anna died not long after Ellie's birth, indicating the story may include flashbacks. Various posts from creative director Neil Druckmann tease the addition of other interesting features, including combat on horseback and a canine companion.

The Last of Us 2 is currently in development for PlayStation 4.