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How To Save A Level In Super Mario Maker 2

Despite its thorough tutorials, Super Mario Maker 2 doesn't always explain the basics. How do you save a level that you're working on, for example? The Course Maker interface is full of unlabeled icons and buttons, and it's a bummer when you lose your hard work because you clicked the wrong picture.


When you want to save your stages, look for the robot icon on the right side of the screen. That's what you want. Selecting the robot and choosing "Save As" will open up Super Mario Maker 2's "Coursebot" menu, where you can select an empty slot (or a full one, if you want to overwrite an existing level) and save your stage.

You can also save other people's levels to your Switch, which is handy if you'd like to play them offline or use them in Super Mario Maker 2's local co-op mode. If you're browsing through levels using Course World's search function or Hot, Popular, and New lists, open up the level's stats screen (you might have to click on the level description to see it). There should be a download button at the bottom of the display. Hit that and choose a Coursebot save slot. The level will be downloaded to your Switch within seconds.


If you find a save-worthy level through online multiplayer or the Endless Challenge modes, you won't get a chance to save them right away. Never fear. By returning to the main "Course World" menu and pressing the "Y" button, you'll open your Maker Profile. There, you'll find lists of levels that you've "liked" and every level that you've played, as well as the all-important download button. Download your favorite stages, then go to Coursebot and open the "Downloaded Courses" tab to play them later.