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New Pokemon Sword And Shield Info Emerges, Covers Gigantamaxing, New Pokemon

If you thought Pokemon was weird already, just wait.

The Pokemon Company released a bunch of new information about its upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield titles this morning. And wouldn't you know it: after learning about Dynamaxing and how it'll make Pokemon huge and powerful, "it's been discovered that there's a special phenomenon known as Gigantamaxing." That's even more maxing. That's like finally buying a 4K TV and learning that 8K is on the horizon.


According to a press release put out by The Pokemon Company, Gigantamaxing not only makes select Pokemon larger, but it also changes the way they look. And these special Gigantamaxed Pokemon also obtain a special ability not available to Dynamaxed Pokemon: something called a G-Max Move.

It's unclear yet how many Pokemon will be able to turn Gigantamax, but we do know of three that are able to thus far: Drednaw, Corviknight... and a newcomer.

Remember when you just had Thunderbolt?

In addition to talking about Gigantamaxing, The Pokemon Company also revealed some new Pokemon you can expect to see in Sword and Shield later this fall. There's Alcremie, a Cream Pokemon; Yamper, a Puppy Pokemon; Rolycoly, a Coal Pokemon; and Duraludon, an Alloy Pokemon. And Alcremie, for what it's worth, also has the ability to Gigantamax. So there are three total Pokemon so far who are able to increase in size, change appearance, and perform a special G-Max Move.


We'll undoubtedly hear about more as Sword and Shield get closer to release.

You can watch the video uploaded by The Pokemon Company to see Gigantamaxing in action and to meet the new Pokemon of the Galar region. And before you wonder what the enormous birthday cake is about, just know that is Alcremie's Gigantamax state. Welcome to the world, our new Cream Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield hit the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 15, 2019. We'll update you with more news as it comes in.