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How To Play As Luigi In Super Mario Maker 2

Mario's name might be on the box, but everyone knows that his hapless, hilarious brother Luigi is the series' real star. The younger Mario brother largely sat out the first Super Mario Maker, but he's a playable character in the sequel. However, if you're set on making Super Mario Maker 2 an all-Luigi, all-the-time experience, you'll need to pay attention to which mode you're playing.


You can make Luigi your default character by opening the main menu (hit "Plus"), navigating to "Settings" (select the wrench icon), and choosing Luigi's signature "L" logo. That will replace Mario with Luigi in most of Super Mario Maker 2's single-player content, including Endless Challenge, Course World searches, and whenever you're testing your own levels (you're stuck with Mario during Story Mode, though).

When you're playing with other people, sticking with Luigi is a little trickier. In Super Mario Maker 2's couch-based co-op mode, Luigi is always player two. If you must wear green while platforming, make sure that you nab the second Joy-Con. Unfortunately, character distribution in both the co-op and competitive online multiplayer modes seems to be random. Sometimes, you'll get to play as Luigi. Other times, you'll be saddled with Mario or one of the Toads.


All that being said, all of Super Mario Maker 2's characters handle the same. This isn't like Super Mario Bros. 2, The Lost Levels, or some of the New Super Mario Bros. titles, in which Luigi jumps higher. All four of Super Mario Maker 2's characters are created equal, so playing as Luigi is little more than a style choice — albeit a very, very good one.