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Dinosaurs Come To RuneScape In The Land Out Of Time Update

For almost two decades, gamers have immersed themselves in the vast world of fantasy MMO RuneScape. In the latest update, The Land Out of Time, developer Jagex has made a gargantuan addition to the already rich and diverse setting.


The update introduces a new region of Gielinor for you to explore: the island of Anachronia. "Embark on a voyage of discovery to a long-forgotten land," said the official Twitter. "Hunt down hulking beasts, traverse a treacherous landscape, slay dangerous new creatures and unearth ancient secrets previously lost to time."

Today's launch trailer provides a look at the new area, including a host of ruins to explore and prehistoric creatures to battle. You'll travel there in pursuit of dragonkin scientist Kerapac who has escaped to the island with a powerful elder artefact. Only RuneScape members can access the update and you must have your mining, smithing, and divination skills at level 50 or higher.


Jagex has overhauled the hunting system; the update also introduces a new training method that centers on defeating nine angry dinosaurs. Due to their size, you can't take on the behemoths in an outright confrontation. Instead, you must think outside the box, using traps and other resources to tame the beasts. 

"The intention of the developers was to look at some of the more varied mechanics you'd normally see in boss fights and introduce them into non-boss encounters," explained the RuneScape team. "Slaying these devilish dinos will not only reward you with hulking chunks of XP but also boss drop quality loot." You can also skin the dinosaurs to create new gear.

The Land Out of Time includes a new island-spanning Agility Course. The course is the quickest way to get around and see the sights and contains new loot. Eight new Slayer creatures spanning level 90-114 also join the lineup, including dinosaurs and plant-based foes. Laniakea, the new poison-drinking Slayer Master, makes her debut with the update, bringing additional tasks for players with at least level 90 Slayer and level 120 Combat.

The Land of Out of Time update went live today, July 8. Head to the RuneScape website for a full list of additions and changes.