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What To Do At Greenhouses In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Greenhouses are one of the three different buildings you will see on the map in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. They are short, glass buildings with a blue exterior, and there are a few different ways they can be used to help you along in the game. Here's what you can do at greenhouses.


When you walk close enough to a greenhouse, you will be able to enter by tapping it. Once inside, you will be shown three plants. Simply place your finger on one and swipe upward; it will uproot the plant and give you a random reward. Greenhouses generally give you potion ingredients as rewards, but they can give spell energy on occasion as well.

Once you've used a greenhouse, a small flag will appear above it on the map, indicating that you've used it. After five minutes, that flag will disappear, meaning you can reenter the greenhouse for another reward.

You can also grow ingredients at a greenhouse by using seeds and water that you find as you explore the map in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Once you've planted a seed in a greenhouse and added the amount of water needed, you will see a countdown timer. Once it hits zero, the ingredient you planted will appear outside that greenhouse for you (and any other wizard who comes past the area) for thirty minutes. Make sure you are back in that window to collect it; otherwise, it's gone.


Greenhouses won't give you a significant advantage, but walking near a cluster of them will replenish your potion ingredient stash for quite some time. Use them when you can!