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The New Turok Game Is Not What You Might Expect

This may come as a surprise, but there's a new Turok game coming out! Yes, Turok, like the dinosaur hunter from the days of the N64. But wow, does this one ever look different.

Turok: Escape From Lost Valley sure has the name Turok in it, but you'll be hard pressed to find the jacked Turok of the '90s anywhere in sight. You'll also be a little less frightened of the beasts in this title, because there are no three-dimensional velociraptors trying to eat you alive here. They've been replaced with the most adorable 2D dinos imaginable. In fact, everything in Escape From Lost Valley is cute; that's the style. It'll kind of make you wonder: how on earth did someone decide to slap the Turok license on this?


Fortunately, there's an answer for that.

According to USgamer, Escape From Lost Valley is at least somewhat true to the series. You're still Turok. And you'll still have to kill dinosaurs (though you might feel more guilty about it this time). But the look and feel have totally changed. This is a top-down action game born out of a pitch competition at Universal Studios, where teams dreamed up new takes on Universal properties. And apparently it's not the only one, as a new game with the Voltron license is also in development.

Is Escape From Lost Valley the true follow-up Turok fans have been hoping for since the 2008 reboot? Not quite. Are there actually Turok fans holding out hope for one? We honestly can't say for sure. But this one is definitely on the way; very soon, in fact. Turok: Escape From Lost Valley is coming to Steam on July 25, so if you've missed spending time in the Turok universe, this game just might be what you're after. If you want the purest of nostalgia trips, however, both Turok and Turok 2 are available on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


We'll get you an update should Turok somehow make more news in the future.