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How To Use Seeds In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Shortly after Harry Potter: Wizards Unite released, developer Niantic added a small, welcome change to the in-game greenhouses. Players can now plant seeds to grow specific ingredients they need for their potions. Even better, you can work together with green-thumb wizards in your neighborhood to earn plenty of benefits for everyone.

To grow plants, you will need to find seeds and water on the map or in rewards you earn throughout the game. Once you have something you want to grow, head to a greenhouse.

Any wizard who enters a greenhouse can use an empty pot to plant and water seeds. If there are no empty pots available, you can also use a rental pot; it will cost you some of your gold, however. Select the pot you want to use, then choose what you want to grow from the items you have available.

Once you have planted a seed, you can cast the spell "Herbivicus" on it to increase the harvest once it is finished growing. Other wizards who come through the greenhouse can cast the same spell, granting a huge harvest when the plant matures.

You will see a countdown clock until the plant has finished growing; once the clock hits zero, the harvest will drop outside of the greenhouse it was planted in. Even better, every wizard who comes by can collect the reward, meaning it isn't a total race to see who can grab it first. Don't delay too long, however: the bounty from planting seeds will only last on the map for thirty minutes before it disappears.