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Exotic Pulse Rifle Bad Juju Is Back In Destiny 2

Bungie is really going wild with the exotic quests lately. In Season of Opulence alone, players have already discovered both Truth and Lumina. Now another fan favorite weapon from the first Destiny has made its return.


After today's Destiny 2 update, the folks over in the r/raidsecrets subreddit got cracking on what appeared to be a new quest for the exotic pulse rifle known as Bad Juju. In no time flat, many had finished it. Twitter user @JustTeeBee makes the claim that he was the first, and while we can't confirm that to be accurate, he was the first to upload a photo to Twitter. So hats off.

Now, what is Bad Juju, exactly? And how do you get it? Read on.

Bad Juju is an exotic pulse rifle from the original Destiny, and it has a rather useful assortment of perks. The most important one, though, is called String of Curses, and it does all of these things: adds ammunition to your magazine from kills, becomes more powerful after kills, and grants super energy based on kills. It was always a handy tool for PvE content in Destiny, and it'll likely shine even more now that super-regenerating armor has been nerfed in Destiny 2.


As for how you pick it up, it appears you'll need to knock out a couple of steps. First, you'll need to tithe some glimmer in the chest next to Benedict-99 on Nessus in order to open the Tribute Hall on your Director. From there, you'll need to enter said Tribute Hall and place a total of 18 tributes. Finally, you'll need to complete an adventure, which Reddit user Ballor called a "full blown war" between the Taken, Calus' Cabal loyalists, and you.

Wrap that up, and you've got yourself a Bad Juju.

From what we've been reading, the adventure can be completed solo. And it does appear Bad Juju has a catalyst, which some are reporting requires a total of 45 tributes to be placed in the Tribute Hall. We're sure more information will come out and more precise details will come into focus as more people complete the quest. Until then, if you were thinking about sitting Destiny 2 out today, you might want to rethink those plans.