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Xbox Germany Mistakenly Announces Final Fantasy 7 Remake For Xbox One

Xbox fans around the world got some amazing news this morning regarding Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Unfortunately, it was all one big mistake.

According to IGN, Xbox Germany's Facebook page shared a video that made serious headlines: Final Fantasy 7 Remake was coming to Xbox One, and would release on March 3, 2020. The video lingered online just long enough for the news to propagate around the internet, leading many Xbox One owners to celebrate. Could it be that FF7 Remake is releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 simultaneously? That's great!


Xbox Germany, however, soon deleted the post from Facebook and issued a response.

"We did an internal mistake in the Social Team," said Maxi Graff, Xbox Germany's social media lead. "We took the video off immediately. Sorry, no announcement on our side. Big apologies for this."

Cue the heartbreak.

For what it's worth, we've seen misfires like this before, and they usually point to something that could eventually happen down the line, but not at this moment. It seems somewhat nonsensical that Xbox Germany would have graphics and videos prepared for a Final Fantasy 7 Remake announcement if the game wasn't coming to Xbox One. And often when these social media blunders occur, it's because someone is attempting to queue up posts for a later date but pushes them live instead.


We're not saying that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is definitely coming to Xbox One, but we are saying the odds are certainly better today than they were yesterday. So that's something to hang your hat on, even if you're a little bummed at the fact that Xbox Germany announced a release date for a game that — for the time being — is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

We'll be keeping an eye on both Microsoft and Square Enix to see if anything else comes of this. If Final Fantasy 7 Remake does indeed get a release date for Xbox One, we'll let you know.