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How To Battle Fortresses In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Fortresses are probably the toughest aspect of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite; at higher levels, these will require teamwork and a well-rounded group of wizards to tackle. They're worth it, though: fortresses offer some of the best rewards you can find in the game. Here's how you take them on.

Fortresses are the giant, red-roofed castles you see on the world map. Once you have walked close enough to one, tap on it to enter. Once inside, you can select a chamber to enter, and will have to use a Runestone in order to open it. Runestones correspond to certain areas of the registry; you are more likely to see things from the area matching the Runestone you use.

Once you open a chamber, anyone else who is near that fortress can enter the battle as well, up to four additional wizards. You will all participate in your own fight, but you grant each other bonus XP and can aid each other with certain spells.

Once a battle starts, you will need to tap the bottom of the screen to aim your wand. This will pull up an aiming circle, which you will need to drag around to match the enemy's weak point. Hold it there long enough, and a spell outline will appear for you to cast and deal damage.

Occasionally, you'll be attacked as well. Quickly trace the outline that appears to negate most of the damage.

After each battle, you will have the option to leave the fortress or continue on. The more you fight, the more rewards you can earn. Push too far, however, and you could run out of health or energy. Start small and, as you improve, push on to glory!