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How To Change From Day To Night In Super Mario Maker 2

During the day, all of Super Mario Maker 2's levels work like you expect them to. At night, things get weird. At night, 1-Up mushrooms become poisonous, robbing Mario of a life instead of giving him one. The forest theme's placid streams turn to poison. Goombas float through the air, underwater stages are submerged in darkness, and gravity all but disappears.


In other words, changing your stage's theme from day to night introduces a bunch of new ways to torture your players. Naturally, you'll want to figure out how to do so as quickly as possible. Here's the rundown: First, choose the new Angry Sun enemy and place it in your stage. Next, select the sun and hold down "A," or press on it if you're using the Switch's touchscreen. That will give you the opportunity to change the Angry Sun to the Moon. Take it. Your stage will change from day to night. 

At this point, you can delete the Moon from your level, although if you're feeling generous you might want to keep it around. In addition to unlocking night mode, the Moon also clears the screen of enemies. If your stage is particularly tough, the Moon can be a big help for struggling players.


Thankfully, you only need to go through this whole process once. After you've unlocked Night Mode for the first time, you can switch between day and night at your leisure by opening the theme selection menu. There, you should find a button — it'll look like a sun or a moon on a pull string — that will change between day and night with the press of a button (or a tap of the screen).