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Invincible Wraith Glitch Is Here To Break 'Apex Legends'

The latest game-breaking glitch in Apex Legends allows players to use Wraith's Into the Void ability multiple times in a row. One of the most powerful tactical abilities in the game, Into the Void grants a brief movement speed boost while making the legend invulnerable to damage, allowing you to escape danger and reposition. 


Following activation, the ability goes on a 25-second cooldown; however, the new exploit negates this cooldown period, allowing savvy players to enter a continuous loop of invulnerability. By chaining Into the Void, they essentially become invincible. The specifics of how the glitch works remain unclear, though, it seems to involve cancelling the ability's animation with a melee attack. 

YouTuber Darkstar XT shared a clip of Apex Legends player FatedWolf629 taking advantage of the glitch during a match, hoping to draw Respawn's attention to the game-breaking exploit. According to the video description, they could replicate the effect after seeing it once. "It's 100% successful at being replicated (on all platforms) once you learn how to do it. It's not a bug that requires any precision or exact methods," said Darkstar XT. "It's only a matter of time before this glitch spreads like wildfire and creates a toxic ranked matchmaking experience." 


This is not the first Wraith-related exploit that's popped up in the battle royale game. Back in February, players discovered a way to use Wraith's ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, without incurring the normal cooldown. Similar to the new invincibility exploit, players could create infinite portals by activating Into the Void shortly after using her ultimate then jumping over a small ledge. The glitch took over a month to fix, with players complaining about the broken mechanic for weeks on Reddit with no word from Respawn.

Wraith already has one of the strongest kits in Apex Legends. The Into the Void exploit, if left unaddressed, could give Wraith players a massive advantage, turning matches into an unrewarding and tedious experience.