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How To Use Inns In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Inns are a valuable resource in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. If you played Pokemon Go, Inns are essentially Pokestops, allowing you to replenish energy and socialize before heading back into the dangerous world outside. Here are the things you can do at inns.


Inns come in a few different varieties, but they all serve the same purpose. When you enter an inn, you will be presented with a few different covered dishes. Swipe the outline you are given, and it will randomly present you with a dish that will grant you some spell energy. After five minutes, the inn will recharge and let you do it all over again.

Each type of inn has different items on offer, and each item can replenish up to ten spell energy. A Reddit user going by zviznemte compiled a spreadsheet of what items are found in each type of inn. Essentially, any inn will recover energy, but the only one that offers a ten energy item is the green inn.

You can also place Dark Detectors at inns. These items function exactly like Pokemon Lures in Pokemon Go, attracting more traces to the inn for thirty minutes. You will be able to see Dark Detectors that other players have placed on your world map; hustle over there to get a chance at some extra XP and entries in your registry.


That's all you need to know about inns: they're an important resource to keep your spell energy up and a place to hang out while your Dark Detectors bring in extra enemies to take on.