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Torchlight Free On Epic Games Store; Limbo Coming Next Week

The free games train keeps on rolling for the Epic Games Store, which added yet another freebie this week, along with a tease for next week's title.

Torchlight is now available to download for free from the store, giving dungeon-crawling RPG fans yet another take on the genre. It's not a new game by any stretch – Torchlight was first released back in 2009 — but it's a fairly well-liked title that averages a 9 out of 10 on Steam and an 83% on Metacritic. The most unfortunate thing about Torchlight, to be totally honest, is that you won't see another game from its developer. Runic Games closed up shop in 2017, and the Torchlight franchise hasn't been heard from since.


The developer behind next week's game is still very much alive, however. Playdead's Limbo will hit the Epic Games Store as a free download on July 18. First released in 2010, Limbo is a puzzle platformer that took the world by storm and paved the way for Playdead to make its next big hit, Inside. It's a must-play title if you've never experienced it before, and a no-brainer download at the low, low price of free.

We've said it once before and we'll say it again: Epic has had very few, if any, duds available through this year-long free game promotion. Those who've been diligent about logging into the Epic Launcher to secure their free downloads now have a stellar PC game collection. Some of the more recent giveaways have been around a decade old, which doesn't speak to their quality so much as it does Epic's attempts at controlling costs. But it's hard not to be impressed by what's been dished out so far. And this is going to continue every week until sometime in December.


Epic must be making a lot of Fortnite money.

We'll be sure to remind you next week about Limbo, and also fill you in on the next game in Epic's lineup. Until then, go grab Torchlight.