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Destiny 2 Super Glitch Makes New Mission Easy As Cake

It's not a Destiny 2 patch if something else doesn't get broken. Bungie recently rolled out an update for Destiny 2 to start this year's Moments of Triumph. Now some players have discovered a very friendly bug that grants unlimited super energy in one of the game's spaces.


As reported by Game Rant, the glitch can be activated by top-tree Arcstrider Hunters in Destiny 2's new Tribute Hall. From there, you can carry it into the game's newest mission, "The Other Side," and enjoy never-ending super energy.

Here's how it works.

First, you'll need to visit the Tribute Hall and toggle the switch for the Tribute that replenishes your super. It's the one that looks like a crystal that, when turned on, dispenses orbs of light. From there, you'll activate your Arcstrider super and continue standing next to the Tribute until you hear the sound of your super meter filling up again. You'll only hear the audio cue here; your super meter will continue to go down while you wait.


Once you hear the sound, the fun begins.

Dodging will — for reasons that are completely and totally unclear — take your super back up to full strength. So why not use it? You can activate "The Other Side" in the main room of the Tribute Hall, jump through the portal, and massacre everything in sight. There's currently a Triumph in Destiny 2 for completing "The Other Side" solo without dying, and let us tell you, that is far easier to do when you have a super that never runs out of energy. As long as you're paying attention to where the bar is at, and you're remembering to dodge in order to fill the meter back up, you should be able to truck through "The Other Side" with your Arcstrider super active the entire time.

This glitch reportedly works with other roaming supers on other classes, as well. You activate it the same way: by popping a super and standing near the Tribute until you hear the sound of another one being filled. In this case, however, you enter your menu near the end of your super and switch a piece of gear around to refill your super meter. Because console loading times are awful, this is easier to accomplish on PC, but it should technically work on both.

This is without question the easiest way to complete the Triumph at this point, and because of that, we can't see this glitch sticking around for too long. So if you have your heart set on those 200 Triumph points and the bragging rights, you might want to take advantage of this glitch and get it done soon. We won't tell your friends.