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Fans Are Remastering Resident Evil 3 By Themselves

Did you enjoy the remake of Resident Evil 2 so much that you're dying to get your hands on one for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis? It might take Capcom some time to get around to it, but there's apparently a remaster you can start playing right now.


A story from Destructoid speaks of a tricked out Resident Evil 3 remaster that comes courtesy of RESHDP, the outfit that also remastered Resident Evil 2 in the past. It's more a mod than a true remaster; an add-on to the GameCube version of the game that can be played in the Dolphin emulator. But it looks worlds better than the original by today's standards, with crisper visuals, improved effects, and full-motion videos that have even been upgraded from a resolution of 320x160 to 640x320.

Wait, we were watching FMVs in Resident Evil 3 at 320x160? That's like, flip phone video quality.

If you want to see some of the remaster in action, there's a YouTube video you can watch here. It flips back and forth between the original RE3 and the remastered emulator version so you can get a sense of how drastic the upgrade is, and, well, it's pretty stunning. We're sure it still retains those janky tank controls that should never, ever appear in a Resident Evil game ever again. But in terms of looks, the folks at RESHDP did a fine job touching up RE3 and bringing it into the 21st century.


And it appears that work isn't finished just yet. The group notes that there are still some visual bugs to be stomped out; namely some texture issues that need to be addressed. Otherwise, this is about as good a remaster as you're going to find at this point in time. We're unsure if Capcom plans to remake RE3 in the same way it did RE2, or if the company will focus its efforts elsewhere. But until we know more, this fan-made project is a fine stand-in.