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Fortnite's Latest Update Adds Storm Scout Sniper Rifle, Birthday Items

We're two days past Fortnite's second birthday, and the game is celebrating by adding a wicked-cool sniper rifle to the loot mix, along with some birthday-themed items scattered around the battle royale map.


The sniper rifle, called the Storm Scout, is perhaps one of the more intriguing weapons Fortnite has added in quite a while. It not only serves as a long-range damage dealer, but also comes with a unique perk; the ability to show whoever is looking through the scope where the next storm circle will be, long before that circle shows up on the game's map. If you play more tactically, building up defenses ahead of a match's final moments, the Storm Scout will give you a significant edge over your opponents.

That is, unless they also have a Storm Scout. Then you'll be racing them to that spot.

The birthday-related items are birthday gift boxes and birthday cakes. The boxes are, for all intents and purposes, fancy loot chests. There are six different combinations of loot found in the boxes, and only by opening them will you discover what you've received. As for the birthday cakes? They lightly replenish your health and shields. Epic states that you'll find them around various points of interest on the map, so it might be a good idea to figure out where they sprout most often in case you find yourself in a jam.


For reasons that aren't quite clear at this time, Epic would like everyone to know that the birthday gifts and birthday cakes won't be present inside Fortnite: Battle Royale until July 25. All other changes appear to have taken effect as of today's update.

There is one last item of note worth mentioning, just because we think it's neat. Fortnite has added a picture-in-picture streaming feature for its World Cup Pro-Am, enabling you to watch the tournament take place while you're still playing the game. It'll be interesting to see if Epic Games expands this feature for use outside of the Pro-Am, which kicks off July 26. But we do see the potential for misuse, particularly by stream snipers (players who actively target a streamer and use their video feed to gain an unfair advantage).

Check back later for more Fortnite updates.