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This Bird Can Perfectly Mimic The Nintendo Switch's Menu Sounds

Imagine hearing the sounds of your Nintendo Switch even when the system isn't on. You hear the little clicks and whistles while you're eating dinner. You hear them in your sleep. Do you spend too much time playing video games? Maybe. Or perhaps you own a parakeet.


Bless USgamer for bringing this to our attention.

Twitter user @Taniguchi_EX recently shared a video of their family's pet bird, and the sounds the bird is making; yes, they are dead ringers for the menu sounds on the Nintendo Switch. It's not uncommon for these kinds of birds to copy and repeat the sounds they hear. And we suppose that, when you're a bird perched in a cage all day, you don't really have much else to do. But wow, would hearing these chirps and whistles drive us absolutely mad if we never managed to figure out they were coming from the family pet.

Why a bird might do so is even more intriguing, though. According to Scientific American, it's possible that some birds imitate the sounds they hear "to better command the attention of a potential listener by producing sounds for which the listener already has a memory." It's actually a little sad when you think about it. This little birdie could just be after some attention, and it thinks it has to sound like a Nintendo Switch in order to get it.


While the Switch menu sounds are neat, there is no more iconic Nintendo sound than the original Wii's eShop menu theme. Until a bird has mastered that tune, we're not sure we've reached the peak of birds imitating the video game noises they hear. In this particular bird's case, however, maybe someone should talk to it or feed it some crackers or something. It might be feeling a little lonely.