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Arthur Morgan Hides Surprising Carpentry Abilities

Arthur Morgan: part-time carpenter? The star gunslinger in Red Dead Redemption 2 is certainly handy with the steel, and has quite the eye for potential targets. We would've never guessed he had expert woodworking abilities, too, but once again, we've been surprised.


A Reddit user named Gwaunch posted a short video clip of Arthur walking through the town of Valentine, looking like a man on a mission. As you can see in the clip, Arthur's fingers ever so slightly graze a plank of wood set up on the side of the street, and... what? It appears Arthur just chops an entire section of the wooden plank right off with his bare hands.

Gwaunch loops the clip again, zoomed in and slowed down so you can really take in what's happening. And sure enough, as Arthur's hand passes over the wooden plank, part of it separates and falls to the ground, knocking over the saw sitting nearby in the process. We knew Arthur was strong, but that strong? Why does he even need a gun when he's got those hands?


All joking aside, there's probably a very valid explanation for why that plank of wood managed to fall apart the way it did. All throughout Red Dead Redemption 2, you'll find certain destructible items in the environment; say, windows for example. In a shootout, a window that shatters when being impacted will make sense, and will keep you grounded in the realism Red Dead 2 intends to project. It's entirely possible that this plank of wood that Arthur so nonchalantly diced is also destructible, and could be shot to pieces in a similar manner if Arthur pulled out his pistol and chose that route.

Arthur just chopping a piece of it off, though? Well, that could just be the game's physics lining up perfectly to make something weird and funny happen.

In any case, it's yet another sign that you shouldn't mess with Arthur Morgan.