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Bizarre Glitch Causes Red Dead Horse To Become Pants

There exists a new pair of traveling pants in the world, courtesy of a glitch discovered inside Red Dead Redemption 2. And we have to say: this is one of the stranger ways the game has broken so far.


This video was shared by Reddit user txkels13 in the Red Dead Online subreddit, showing a custom player character riding on what appears to be a pair of pants. The character is defying gravity in order to pull the act off, as the pants aren't even touching them, but are instead back a bit behind them. In fact, one might come to the conclusion that the pair of pants seen in the video are where a horse's legs might be, if that horse were sitting beneath the character.

Then you'll probably realize that the player is, indeed, riding a horse. The horse has just transformed into a pair of pants for some reason.

According to the Reddit user who shared the clip, they dismounted for a few moments to enter the Post Office for a mission, and when they came back, their horse had suddenly turned into pants. They discovered they were still able to climb aboard and ride the pants horse, apparently. But no action taken by the player could revert the pants back into a real horse again.


"Even after completing the mission, and dying when intentionally falling off a cliff, the pants lived on. I had to go to a stable to get Smitty [the horse] back," the user said.

It seems this is just an oddball glitch; one of the many you'll find inside Red Dead Redemption 2. In such a massive open-world game — especially one with so many tiny details and so many systems at work — things are bound to go a little haywire from time to time. Thank goodness there are easy ways for players to share these snafus so we can all have a good laugh at them.