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Cloud Saves Are Being Tested For Some Epic Games Store Titles

The Epic Games Store didn't have many bells and whistles when it launched late last year, but it appears at least one highly requested feature is on the way.

VG247 reports that players have been discovering an option for cloud saves in the Epic Games Store version of Moonlighter. That's a new thing; something previous titles on Epic's platform haven't offered before. Some who noticed the cloud save functionality in the game reached out to Epic's Tim Sweeney on Twitter to ask about the feature, and Sweeney — who is not one to shy away from social media — was more than happy to provide a response.


"Cloud saves are enabled for a couple of new games right now," Sweeney wrote. "We have a bit more work to do before rolling it out more widely."

Sweeney went on to add that enabling cloud saves is a "manual process for the store team," which is good new for developers, as it means they won't have to issue an update to their titles to make the feature work. But it does mean the onus is solely on Epic Games to bring cloud saves to its customers, and it seems there's a bit more to be done behind the scenes before the cloud save feature is ready for prime time.

Based on the Epic Games Store development roadmap, cloud saves are currently being targeted for launch sometime in the next one to three months. Some other improvements are scheduled to arrive in that window, as well, including a store page redesign, Humble Bundle integration, and store video hosting. Some of the more weighty features — think achievements, a shopping cart — are still a ways out. But Epic is diligently making its way through the list, which means the Epic Games Store could look a lot different by the time the year comes to a close.