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Fan Art Reveals What A 'Hydrated' Ganon Would Look Like

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is still a long way off, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with the game's first trailer. Like Dead Ganon, for instance. What if he was alive? What would he look like if he wasn't a pile of dry bones? Now we know.


We have artist Nicholas Kole to thank (by way of Kotaku) for these stunning looks at a living, hydrated and — to be frank — rather ripped version of the Ganon we saw in the Breath of the Wild sequel trailer. This design takes the edge off the Legend of Zelda villain a little bit; he's not the plainly obvious bad guy, nor is he taking on some other type of monstrous form. He is a Gerudo male, of which there can only be one.

Speaking of which, perhaps someone should have a chat with the Gerudo about that one male that comes along every once in a while. Could save everyone a lot of trouble.

Anyway, fellow artist Jordan Knight (not the singer) decided to expand on Kole's work, and did quite the job creating 3D models of Rehydrated Ganondorf that, quite honestly, look fit for the Breath of the Wild sequel's Collector's Edition. Between the two artists, there's an awful lot of talent to go around. So Nintendo, if you're listening: look them up. We want that statue Ganon as an Amiibo, pronto.


We don't know much about the story that will unfold in the Breath of the Wild sequel, nor do we have any idea when the game might actually release. But we're now crossing our fingers that something terrible happens and we get a glimpse of Swole Ganon in the realm of the living. The game will need an antagonist, after all. And this is Ganon like we've never seen him before.