Borderlands 3 Fan Recreates The Infinity Pistol

Borderlands 3 is a little more than a month away from release, and fans are clearly excited about playing the next game in the series. So excited, in fact, that they're already creating replicas of weapons found in the new Gearbox shooter.


Reddit user StalwartStud shared a photo today of a real life Borderlands 3 Infinity pistol, with the game's version of the weapon lined up next to it so viewers could compare the two. And we have to be honest: it's an impressive recreation. The colors are on point. The textures match those used on Infinity in the game. One Reddit user even remarked that the replica version of the gun "looks more cell shared [sic] than the game!" and if that's not a sign you've done a good job, we don't know what is.

Infinity, for those not in the know, is a legendary pistol that players will be able to get their hands on when Borderlands 3 releases this September. It's a hold-over from Borderlands 2; a pistol that does not consume ammunition, and is quite helpful for getting out of a jam if you're running low on bullets to fire from other guns. It's the one gun players might want to keep should it drop, and that's not something you can say about every gun that'll come to Borderlands 3, as Gearbox claims there'll be over a billion.


Face it: you're not going to have room for a billion guns. Some (or most) just aren't going to make the cut.

Infinity isn't the only replica made by StalwartStud, by the way. He has an Instagram account over at PressXProps that also features a lot more work, including some cool Resident Evil Raccoon City gear, and yes, some more Borderlands stuff, too. You should go check it out.

Borderlands 3 comes to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Sept. 13, 2019. A Google Stadia version will arrive when that platform launches this November.