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GTA Easter Egg Could Be A Message For Dan

Fans of the Bully series are thinking sequel once more. An easter egg referencing the years-old Rockstar title was recently found in the latest update to GTA Online, and some players see it as a sign that another Bully game is coming at some point in the future. Not only that; they believe it contains a message for someone named Dan.


GamesRadar is reporting that GTA Online's Diamond Casino & Report update contains a mysterious painting players can hang up in their casino penthouses. The painting features some poorly drawn symbols — a fist, a snake, a rat, and a skull — that are, coincidentally, the symbols used on Bully's Bullworth Academy crest. What's more, the painting is called "Canis Canem Edit," which is the Bullworth Academy's motto (and what Bully was called over in Europe). It seems like an obvious reference to one of Rockstar's other games, and really, that's not an uncommon thing to see. Rockstar does it all the time.

Fans have taken the painting to be something more than a mere reference, however, and this is where things get a little weird. A Reddit user also believes that the in-game name used for the painting's artist, Michael Morse, points to Morse code being used in the painting. Said user converted the yellow blotches to dashes and the red dots to, well, dots, and discovered that each frame created Morse code characters: 4, N, A, and D.


Other Reddit readers have since scrambled the letters around to speculate that this is a message intended for someone named Dan; 4DAN, if placed in that order. And that could be Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser, at least if the characters were meant to go in that order.

Would Rockstar be that on the nose about Morse code being used? We honestly can't say. The company does have a history of hiding secrets in its games, however, so we imagine players will continue digging around to try and tie this clue to others.

We'll update you should anything else come of it.