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Will Apex Legends Ever Come To Switch?

Apex Legends took off like a rocket when it launched in February 2019, and there are plenty of shooter fans on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One who can't get enough of the game's fast-paced, team-focused take on the battle royale genre. Unfortunately, there is no Nintendo Switch version at this time. But could there be?


In an interview with Respawn Entertainment after the game's release, Wired asked the studio what Switch owners everywhere wanted to know: will Apex Legends every come to Switch? Sadly, the answer wasn't a very positive one.

"If Switch was coming, we would tell you, and we would blast it across the world," project lead Drew McCoy said. "We are hearing all the Switch players who want the game. I can't make any promises right now. We have a lot of things that we're working on, so stay tuned for anything in the future. But currently we don't have anything to announce."

That interview took place in April, and many months have passed since without so much as a hint that Apex Legends could get a Switch port. It's not all that surprising; earlier today, IGN shared a story about why EA (which publishes Apex Legends) isn't doing much to support the Switch as a whole. The company believes that many gamers prefer to play its games elsewhere, which is why so few EA titles have made it to Nintendo's little hybrid. While we can't say outright that EA is keeping Apex Legends off the platform, its stance certainly can't be helping matters. EA owns Respawn Entertainment, after all, so it undoubtedly wields some influence.


The Nintendo Switch isn't without battle royale shooters, for what it's worth. Fortnite is present on the console, as is Realm Royale. But if you're hoping for Apex Legends to drop out of the sky and start wreaking havoc on the Switch, all we can say right now is this: it's not looking good.