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Fortnite Season 10 Locks Challenges Behind Battle Pass

Fortnite Season 10 officially kicks off today, and it appears a huge change has been made to the game's leveling system; particularly for those who don't own the Fortnite Battle Pass.

Eurogamer wrote this morning that Daily Challenges have been removed from Fortnite, and that Weekly Challenges are now fully behind the game's Battle Pass. We logged in ourselves and can confirm that, at this time, there are no challenges of any sort available to free players. It's possible these challenges are just being hidden for the start of the season — perhaps in a play to get more people signing up for the Battle Pass — but as of right now, players who want access to challenges will have to pony up for the game's $10 Battle Pass.


From what we've seen, the Battle Pass itself looks largely the same. And there's still a Silver tier, so free players do still have some items they can grind for and chase during Season 10. It might be a little more time consuming, however, with Daily Challenges gone and Weekly Challenges being gated. But that could be the point.

Another interesting note Eurogamer makes is how this affects past quests, mentioning the fact that the Breakpoint pack from last season asks players to complete Daily Challenges in order to progress. With Daily Challenges missing in action, that'll obviously be impossible to complete. But we imagine Epic Games will offer up a patch for that issue if those challenges are really and truly gone.


It's possible we're jumping the gun here, and we've not yet seen all of what Season 10 has to offer. Epic Games didn't mention changes to challenges in the Fortnite Season 10 patch notes, so who knows; maybe they'll show up in the next couple of days and everything will be back to normal. For now, you should know that Fortnite Season 10 doesn't look all that friendly to loot-loving free players. If you like the game and you want to keep earning skins and items, it might finally be time to give Epic your $10.