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Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Which House Should You Choose?

Like Harry Potter's Hogwarts, the Officers Academy at the Garreg Mach Monastery splits its students into houses. As the Academy's newest professor, you get to choose which house you want to lead. Your house has a major effect on your Fire Emblem: Three Houses experience: it determines which characters you start with, how the plot unfolds in the second half of the game, and which ending you get. So it's not a decision to rush into.


If you like casting spells, consider the Black Eagles. The Adrestian Empire's house counts many magic users among its number, giving you lots of flexibility (and healers). You won't, however, get many good defensive or mounted units. 

The Blue Lions, who value chivalry and honor, lean towards physical attacks. You'll get a lot of heavy hitters, including a number of lance-wielders. On the downside, the Lions don't have many spellcasters, and only come with one real archer. 

The commoners of the Golden Deer, who are more laid-back than the other students, favor bows and are probably the best-rounded group overall. That's not always an advantage. You'll have most of your bases covered, but you also won't excel at anything.


Ultimately, which of Fire Emblem: Three Houses' factions you select is largely a personal choice. Before you choose a house, you'll have a chance to chat with all of the students and look over the rosters. If there's a particular group of characters that you find compelling, choose their house. You can always recruit students from other houses to shore up your weak points, and you can train your students however you want. You're going to be spending a lot of time with these characters. Make sure that you like them.