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How Much Is The Fortnite Creator Worth?

It may seem like Fortnite creator Epic Games came out of nowhere, but the truth is, the studio's had a storied history. Epic Games was behind the Unreal titles you might've played back around the turn of the century. And the studio even developed several games in the Gears of War series. But now there's Fortnite, an undertaking that's made Epic Games a lot of money.


It might lead you to wonder: how much is the Fortnite creator worth now? Fortnite is obviously making a killing. The Unreal Engine is still one of the most widely used engines around. How much dough is Epic raking in?

The answer? A lot.

According to a piece from Engadget published in March 2019, Epic Games is worth somewhere around $15 billion. To put that into perspective, when Microsoft acquired Mojang and the rights to Minecraft — which was an undeniable phenomenon at the time — Microsoft paid $2.5 billion, and that was considered an extraordinary amount of money. Epic Games is worth six Minecrafts when you consider the popularity and profits of Fortnite, the money made from Unreal Engine, and the potential of the company's newest venture, the Epic Games Store.


And to give you an idea of how much Epic Games has grown over the past few years, consider this: EA is valued at $26.4 billion. This is EA, the company that currently owns the rights to make Star Wars games, puts out perennial best sellers in FIFA and Madden NFL, and has properties like Dragon AgeMass EffectBattlefieldTitanfallApex Legends, and more. Epic Games is only worth $11 billion less and most of its value comes from one game, a game development engine, and an upstart digital store. That is stunning.

So now you know how much Fortnite creator Epic Games is worth. The company is doing very well for itself, and judging by all of those Epic Games Store exclusives, it clearly has some money to burn.