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Destiny 2: Xur's Location And What He's Selling This Week

We're nearly three months out from the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, yet the weekly hunt for Xur lives on. Each week, he brings new toys for all the good Guardian girls and boys, and this week is no exception.


You'll find Xur hanging out on Titan in the Rig section of the map. And what does our friend have for us this time around? Let's find out.

Dunemarchers (Titan Leg Armor): Run. Shoulder charge. Run. Shoulder charge. The life of a Titan isn't a complicated one, because Titans aren't particularly complicated beings. The Dunemarchers, therefore, are the perfect boots for your typical Titan. They buff sprint speed. They chain melee damage (like shoulder charges). Two buffs for two things Titans love. Dunemarchers = good.

Contraverse Hold (Warlock Gauntlets): Are you a Warlock who runs around the Crucible with that Handheld Supernova, angering everyone in your path? You'll really dig the Contraverse Hole gauntlets, then. These help you resist incoming damage while you're charging your Void grenade, and buff up that charging, to boot. You'll be giving away Handheld Supernovas like Oprah with these gauntlets.


Assassin's Cowl (Hunter Helmet): Want something that's decent in both PvE and PvP? Consider the Assassin's Cowl. This helmet makes you invisible when you score a melee kill on a fellow Guardian or execute a Finisher on an enemy. Not only that, the Cowl gives you some health and shield back in the process. This is a new exotic from Shadowkeep and one you'll definitely want to pick up.

Two-Tailed Fox (Exotic Rocket Launcher): Imagine if you were able to wield a Void rocket launcher and a Solar rocket launcher at the same time. Now imagine if those two rocket launchers were actually one rocket launcher. That is the Two-Tailed Fox in a nutshell. It fires two rockets simultaneously; one Void suppression rocket and one fiery Solar rocket. So if you don't kill what you hit immediately, you'll slow it down while you also burn it down. It's pretty nice.

Despite the distance we've put between the Shadowkeep launch and now, Xur's items cost the same amount of Legendary Shards they always have. The Exotic armor pieces will run you 23 Legendary Shards apiece. The Two-Tailed Fox Exotic rocket launcher costs 29. And if you're low on Legendary Shards, the Spider on the Tangled Shore is the creature who has what you need.


And that's all for this week! Be sure to check back in exactly seven days to see what Xur has next.