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How Much Does Epic Games Make From Fortnite?

It's no big secret that Fortnite is a money-making machine. Epic Games stumbled upon something spectacular when it welded a battle royale mode onto the title, and now the company is pulling in cash hand over fist. But how much money does Epic Games make from Fortnite? What are the specifics?


We have some idea, thanks to news reports that have been published over the past year.

According to QuartzFortnite generates around $2.5 million every single day for Epic Games; an absurd amount of money. It's important to keep in mind, however, that the $2.5 million figure only represents gross revenue. That doesn't take costs into account, so we're not exactly sure how much Fortnite nets in the grand scheme. But still, if you extrapolate that $2.5 million out over the course of a year, you can get a sense for how much Fortnite potentially generates for Epic Games, and it's quite a weighty number.

It's $912.5 million. Let that sink in for a moment. Sure isn't surprising that Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney is on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index now, is it?


That number seems to jive with a story we wrote, as well, which revealed that Epic Games made $3 billion in profit in 2018. You can bet a large portion of that came from Fortnite, and it's possible we could see Fortnite's contribution go even higher if the game's Save the World mode goes free-to-play, as has been rumored.

So it's official: Fortnite is a cash cow. It's an expensive game to make, for sure, as Epic Games has to continuously add new modes, cosmetics, and map changes in order to keep things fresh. But it seems the studio is doing very well for itself thanks to the title. So well that we may not see Epic make another game for a while. Fortnite is simply too successful to mess with.