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Apex Legends Dataminer Unearths Option For Solo Play

Solo play is a staple of the battle royale space, found in popular titles like FortnitePlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and Call of Duty's Blackout mode. Apex Legends has shied away from adding such an option, but it appears one might be on the way; with a bit of a disclaimer, as it turns out.


Game Rant is reporting that an Apex Legends dataminer by the name of That1MiningGuy (it checks out) uncovered an interesting bit of data in his dig through the game's back end. There apparently exists inside Apex's code an option for "no fill," which some believe will enable players to start a match of Apex Legends without matchmaking. It's presumed this could be used by a solo player who doesn't want extra help, or for a team of two who'd rather not have a third. And it would fill a very obvious gap in Apex Legends, which right now forces you into a team of three.

Is it the solo players vs. other solo players mode everyone's been hoping for? Every individual player for themselves, last standing wins? Not at all. Going in solo would likely still match you against full teams, which sounds like hard mode. But it might be as close as Apex Legends comes to scratching that itch; that is, if the option ever actually shows up inside the game.


We can see why some players might like such a choice, though. Some teammates in Apex Legends practically play the game solo anyway, launching away from the rest of the pack only to be downed in the first thirty seconds of the match because they don't have backup. And there are other teammates who do hang around, but ultimately draw attention to the group by firing at distant targets, alerting the rest of the game's participants to your location. In instances like those, one could imagine that not having teammates might make the experience a whole lot better.

We'll have to keep an eye on any Apex Legends updates that come down the pipeline, as one could potentially enable this feature at some point, drastically changing the way a lot of people play the game. Until then, whether you enjoy it or not, you're stuck with your team of three.