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Fire Emblem: Three Houses - How To Learn Magic

If you want to survive Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you need to teach your students new skills. Raising skills like weapon proficiencies, riding, and flying is straightforward — you can target those directly during lessons, and level them up by using them on the battlefield. Fire Emblem: Three Houses does a good job explaining how you get new Abilities (some are innate to each character, while others come from mastering a character's class). You'll learn Combat Arts as your skills increase.


True to its nature, however, magic is more mysterious. Unlike Abilities and Combat Arts, you can't assign spells on the inventory menu, and unlike weapons, you can't purchase them from the store. So, where do they come from? Magic is an important part of Fire Emblem: Three Houses: black magic is a potent offensive weapon that can strike at both close and far range, while healing magic is necessary to keep your units alive, so if you don't have at least one spellcaster on your team, you're in trouble.

Fortunately, the answer is simple. You learn healing magic automatically as your characters' Faith skill increases, and you learn black magic when their Reason goes up. That's it. Unlike Abilities and Combat Arts, you don't need to equip spells, either. Once your character knows them, they'll always be there. 


Since you can't choose which spells your characters learn, it's worth checking a chart to see who can cast what if you're in search of specific magic, but overall the process is very easy — which is why it's so odd that Fire Emblem: Three Houses makes the magic-learning process so hard to figure out.