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Fortnite Players Figure Out Tilted Town Loophole

Fortnite's newest update is here, and it's transformed Neo Tilted into a Wild West-era location called Tilted Town. The rules in Tilted Town are simple: "No Breakin'. No Buildin'." But mere hours after the update's release, players have already figured out ways to skirt those rules.


According to Polygon, there are now two confirmed methods players can use to mine materials and build inside Tilted Town. The first involves building a platform just outside the town's dome, and editing the floor in such a way that falling through pushes you into Tilted Town without applying the town's Western costume or, apparently, its restrictions on building and mining. The second method seems even easier. Just ride a hoverboard over to Tilted Town and stop just short of the dome. From there, stand on the hoverboard and shoot it to push it forward into the domed area. You'll then be able to step off and mine or build as usual.

In case you were wondering, that hoverboard trick also works in reverse. If you'd like to exit Tilted Town and keep the Western attire, you can bring a hoverboard in, jump off, stand on it, and then shoot it back across.


It would appear at this time that the in-game mechanic that blocks mining and building is tied to the skin that Tilted Town applies once you arrive. If you're somehow able to keep that change from happening, you're all set to build inside the area to your heart's content.

This is the downside to Fortnite's rapid updates, by the way: sometimes things don't get tested as thoroughly before they're released to the public.

We can probably expect a patch to come at some point to knock these glitches out. Word is going to spread, a lot more people are going to use them, and they're really going to kill the whole vibe happening in Tilted Town as a result. Should another update come with fixes, we'll let you know.