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What Are The Pac-Man Ghost Names?

The original Pac-Man released in 1980, so it's entirely possible Pac-Man is older than you. The game's been ported all over the place ever since, and you almost surely find it on your platform of choice, even the newer ones. Some of us have played Pac-Man for decades. It's considered an irreplaceable classic to many gamers. Never once have we asked: what are the Pac-Man ghost names?


Finally, for whoever is curious, the question will be answered.

One might assume the ghosts in Pac-Man are just ghosts and leave it at that. They're intended to be a hindrance to the lead character as he zips around gobbling up dots and fruit. But Namco apparently took it to a much deeper place than that. These ghosts have names. They have personalities. They behave in predictable ways that can give you a leg up if you're paying attention. And now you get to learn more about them than you ever thought you would.

Blinky is the red ghost, and is the one who will be most aggressive about chasing Pac-Man around. Pinky is the pink ghost, and Pinky's game is all about ambushing Pac-Man. Inky is the cyan ghost, and will take on the behavior of the other three ghosts at any given point. And finally, the orange ghost, Clyde, will chase Pac-Man much like Blinky does until it gets close, and then it'll take off to another part of the maze.


If you can remember who does what while you're playing Pac-Man, you might just be able to get yourself out of a jam. You can count on the fact that Blinky will never let up. You can keep an eye on Pinky and change up your route to prevent being cut off. Inky? Well, you'll have to figure out which personality that ghost is taking on at the time. And avoiding Clyde is all about maneuvering that ghost away from where you need to be.

So now you know the Pac-Man ghost names and their personality traits. We expect emails with all of your high scores.