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New Sword And Shield Pokemon Has A Gremlins Vibe To It

The official Pokemon Twitter account unleashed a whole bunch of news this morning about Pokemon Sword and Shield. But one part of the update really stuck out. It was the introduction of a new Pokemon; one called Morpeko.


According to the Pokemon account, Morpeko has a unique skill: the ability to create electricity using its cheeks. Unfortunately, this talent comes with the side effect of burning Morpeko's energy, which in turn causes the little Pokemon to be hungry all the time. You know how how you might feel when you're hungry but still have to work? The tiniest thing can set you off. It works much the same way for Morpeko, who has to go on battling, even though all it really wants is a bite to eat.

Morpeko's hormones get all out of whack. Its fur transforms and takes on a darker color. And Morkepo suddenly turns hostile. Yes, this Pokemon literally has a "hangry" mode, and it does not look like a thing to be trifled with.


Some on Twitter have noted that, due to its transformation from a more docile Pokemon into an absolute terror upon not eating, Morpeko is sort of like a "reverse gremlin." Appearance-wise, however, the Pokemon appears to borrow some traits from Pikachu. And yet another Twitter user felt Morpeko had more in common with a "tater tot." So it's clear there's not a consensus on how to describe Morpeko's looks just yet.

It's safe to say that, based on the hangry mode alone, this Pokemon is going to steal a lot of hearts. It's unknown at this time where you'll be able to find a Morpeko, or what moves it'll be packing once you add it to your team. But it's perhaps the most relatable Pokemon introduced thus far. And we can already hear the chants from fans wanting Morpeko in Smash.

Pokemon Sword and Shield both arrive for Nintendo Switch on Nov. 15, 2019.