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Summit1g's Net Worth And How Much Money He Makes On Twitch

Jaryd Lazar — or "Summit1g" as he's known in the gaming community — is a former CS: GO pro who now earns a living streaming on Twitch. Summit1g has a large following and plays a variety of games these days, including Fortnite and Sea of Thieves. But what is Summit1g's net worth, exactly? And what does he make from his Twitch channel?


It might not surprise you to learn that Summit1g is paid pretty handsomely for his content.

The website Naibuzz estimates Summit1g's net worth to be approximately $7.5 million. That figure not only takes his Twitch channel into account, but also his YouTube channel, which currently boasts nearly 600,000 subscribers, and sponsorship deals Summit1g's inked with companies like Monster and Corsair.

If you drill down into Summit1g's Twitch channel specifically, however, you can get a sense for how much of a role that plays in his yearly income.

It's currently believed that Summit1g has around 20,000 Twitch subscribers. Based on the typical Twitch cut of 50%, that would mean Summit1g is pocketing around $2.50 per month for each subscriber. That adds up to $50,000 a month, which over the course of a year calculates to around $600,000 annually. But Summit1g's sponsorship deals are usually a result of his stream, so those likely need to be credited to that avenue, as well. And then there are donations from viewers that also factor into the equation. We can't say for sure how much Summit1g makes from donations, but they roll in at a steady clip every time he streams, so it's not a small amount.


Now you know Summit1g's net worth and how much money he makes on Twitch. Summit1g, like Ninja and Shroud, is yet another professional gamer who's left that career behind in favor of streaming. Judging by the winnings Summit1g was pulling in from various tournaments — just a few thousand dollars each — the move seems to have paid off.