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Will Apex Legends Ever Release A New Map?

Apex Legends released in February 2019 and has already had its ups and downs in terms of popularity. The game was hot at launch, cooler in the months after, and presently seems to be somewhere in the middle. New content helps, and with the start of Apex Legends Season 2, players got some of that with new guns to shoot and cosmetics to earn.


But what about new locations? Will Apex Legends ever release a new map? It doesn't seem likely at the moment.

Apex Legends seems to be drawing inspiration from Fortnite in how its world changes from season to season. In Fortnite, you can count on some kind of catastrophe to strike at the end of one season or the beginning of the next, changing the game's map drastically. And from Season 1 of Apex Legends to Season 2, we got much of the same. The Legend known as Crypto destroyed the Kings Canyon Repulsor Tower using an EMP blast, which in turn altered other areas and invited a whole bunch of unwanted beasts onto the island. Now, in addition to your opponents, you have Flyers swooping around Kings Canyon and a giant Leviathan in your path.


It seems Apex Legends will stick to that formula going forward. But that's not the only reason we might not see any new locations. The fact is, new maps just wouldn't fit the lore of the game.

Apex Legends matches aren't just randomly occurring acts of violence; they're actually part of a sporting event called the Apex Games. The Apex Games are a throwback to a competition from earlier in the Titanfall timeline; one where IMC soldiers would battle each other in an area called the Thunderdome. That area still exists today in Apex Legends, and unlike other parts of Kings Canyon that have since been refurbished, the Thunderdome has been left completely intact to pay homage to those past competitors.

Kings Canyon is where the Apex Games take place. And unless the shadowy organization known as the Syndicate has plans to expand the game to other territories, it'll stay that way. So we wouldn't count on seeing any new maps in Apex Legends anytime soon. Kings Canyon still has more stories to tell, after all. And the Apex Games are just getting started.