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The World Of Warcraft Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

World of Warcraft has been a pop culture mainstay for more than 10 years—and for just about as long, it's made a tradition of dropping subtle references to real-world movies and music, and even other video games. Your Warcraft adventures might have taken you far and wide, but here are a few Easter eggs you probably never found.

Get Lost in the Sholozar Basin

Lost fans wanting to relive the show's thought-provoking mysteries (or utter confusion, depending on how you look at it) can travel to the Sholozar Basin up in Northrend to find a reference to the show's famous hatch. It also has a little plaque that, if you do a mouseover, will bring up a dialogue bubble that reads '5 9 16 17 24 43'—a clear reference to Hurley's famous numbers in the story. Not for nothing, but it's probably not a good idea to play them in the lottery.

Learn the secret of the ooze in Dalaran

This one's a cute one that doesn't take much work. If you head down into the sewers of the floating city of Dalaran, you'll eventually come across a scene that might remind you of something familiar: a sewer rat surrounded by—and seemingly instructing—four turtles. Around these critters are vials and flasks full of mysterious substances, an obvious reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, their master Splinter, and the ooze that mutated them into humanoid fighting machines. Shell-shocked yet?

Elwynn Forest hides Jason and Crystal Lake

If you've ever gone strolling around Elwynn Forest, the starting zone for the humans of the Alliance, then you might have come across a dude named Jason Mathers. He's a fishmonger who stands by a lake all day, which makes sense if you think about it. But wait, the lake is called Crystal Lake...and this man's name is Jason. Yup, it's a reference to Friday the 13th. And while we're not calling him a psycho killer per se, we're just saying that he'd look mighty frightening with a hockey mask strapped to his face.

Find the Up House in Pandaria

Want some whimsical, magical sights in your life as an adventurer? Then head to Pandaria and fly toward the northeast point of the Jade Forest. On top of a ridge, you'll find a house with many balloons and lanterns strapped to it, with an NPC named Kar wandering around. This is a reference to Carl, from Pixar's Up, and his floating house. Walking around the outside of the house is a small NPC with a large backpack named Rusty and a pet named Dig, obvious references to Up characters Rusty and Dug. If only the house could be used as a flying mount.

Adele can be seen rolling in the deep in Pandaria

Also in Pandaria is an area called the Widening Deep, which features an NPC named Adele. What's unique about this character is that she gets around by rolling everywhere. The NPC Adele is always, and quite literally, rolling in the Deep. For those of you who are slow on the uptake or not in the know, this Easter egg references the singer Adele and her hit single "Rolling in the Deep." Now we'll just have to see if she'll stand on the opposite end of a gorge and yell "Hello!" from the other side.

Dave Grohl kills it on drums in a cave?

There's a cave in Pandaria that houses many drums, located on the beach to the north in Kun-Lai. And playing said drums is a Hozen named Grohl Grohl, which is more than likely a reference to Dave Grohl, former drummer for Nirvana and current Foo Fighters frontman. The only shame is that you can't be Grohl Grohl and just bang on drums all day. Stupid world, always needing to be saved and all...

Bambi goes buck wild in the Grizzly Hills

Head to the continent of Northrend and to the forests of the Grizzly Hills to find the critters Bambina, Mother of Bambina, Flora, and Thudder. Yes, you've stumbled upon an Easter egg referencing the main characters of Bambi. Adorable, right? Well, if you wait long enough, things will take a dark turn, as a scripted NPC hunter comes out to shoot Bambina's Mother. When this happens, Bambina goes into a rage and becomes Vengeful Bambina, gaining a 2,000 percent increase in damage and attacking the hunter. Righteous vengeance for childhood trauma.