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This N64 Shoots Real Flames Because Gaming

The design of the Nintendo 64 controller didn't seem all that practical when it first showed up in 1996. If only gaming fans had waited 23 more years; they could've seen the entire console become something that didn't make a whole lot of sense.


This contraption here is a Nintendo 64 that shoots out flames (via Kotaku). It's a mod by YouTubeer BitHead1000, who apparently felt the plastic casing and low-key aesthetic of the original Nintendo console wasn't metal enough. So gone in the traditional shell that housed the system's parts; in its place is a sturdier, more fireproof covering that sports two gas valves (for the flames) and a rotating "N," which pays homage to the Nintendo 64 logo.

The flames can reportedly be controlled using a modded button on the back of the Nintendo 64 controller. That's nice, because it lets you get a safe distance away before activating the fire. Is this something you could see yourself using on a regular basis, though? It might be fun for about five minutes until you actually want to play some video games. And it definitely doesn't seem like something you'd want to activate indoors.


Still, you have to appreciate that someone went there. It's not easy to add fire to a video game console without melting it entirely, and with this particular project, BitHead1000 showed that a whole new shell can keep the original hardware intact while still achieving the desired effect. It's also a clever bit of promotion. This is the kind of thing built partly with the goal of having it go viral, and in that respect, mission accomplished. We're sure a lot more people will be headed over to BitHead1000's channel on YouTube now to see what other mods he's been cooking up.

As far as we're aware, BitHead1000 has no intention of selling modded Nintendo 64s at this time. So if you want of these, you'll have to build it yourself. You probably shouldn't.