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What Is The Most Valuable Nintendo Game Now?

NES game collectors aren't hard to come across these days, but many are just adding to their collections for fun. How many have a mint copy of the quintessential Nintendo Entertainment System title Super Mario Bros? If you happened to have a sealed, encased, scored copy of that, it's worth a pretty penny.


Heritage Auctions sold a copy of the game — completely unopened and preserved — for an incredible $100,150 in early 2019. But it wasn't just the fact that it was a mint copy of Super Mario Bros. that made the item so unique. It was the only "sticker sealed" copy of the game to make itself known to the public, which meant it was part of a very limited run sold only in New York and Los Angeles. Add the fact that Wata Games scored it with a 9.4, and it was destined to fetch a hefty asking price.

Now, some could debate about whether this is truly the most valuable Nintendo game. For example, collectors estimate there are only a few hundred copies of Nintendo World Championships in the world, which makes each one extremely valuable. A gold Nintendo World Championships cartridge sold on eBay for over $100,000 in 2014, and hadn't exactly been encased and preserved since the '90s. If someone were to offer up a mint version of that, who knows what it would be worth.


And there are other rare Nintendo games that could vie for that top spot. The U.S. version of Stadium Events comes to mind, for instance, but that's never sold for nearly as much money. And did you know there was a Nintendo Campus Challenge cart? Only one's known to exist, however, and it apparently won't net you as much. Maybe because it's ugly as sin.

So it appears that a mint copy of Super Mario Bros. is the most valuable Nintendo game now. And this isn't the kind of game you'll stumble onto at a local garage sale. Many copies of Super Mario Bros. have long since been removed from their boxes and been tossed around bedrooms and dens all over the world. But if you do happen to check an attic or storage unit someday and find a boxed, flawless copy of the game, you might want to get in touch with Wata Games. You could be very rich.