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Greedfall Reveals Aphra, A New Bridge Alliance Companion

Greedfall, the upcoming action RPG from French developer Spiders, will feature a branching narrative with an emphasis on player choice and consequence. You can affect quest and story outcomes in multiple ways, including through your interactions with companions, recruitable characters encountered as you work your way through the game.


A few months back, Spiders revealed that Greedfall would include five companions drawn from different factions present on the island of Teer Fradee. The developer has established the identities and affiliations of four out of the five companions, unveiling the fourth, Aphra, via Twitter earlier today.

"As a young but already renowned naturalist, Aphra is involved in the efforts to find a cure for The Malichor on Teer Fradee," said the announcement. "Her passion and sense of discovery are apparent through her deep fascination with the natives and their culture."

Aphra serves a member of the Bridge Alliance, an organization dedicated to science, knowledge, and reason. It sounds like she will play an instrumental part in studying the local flora, which Spiders has implied may hold the key to curing the Malichor plague which continues to ravage the old world. The developer has shared details about three other companions: Siora, an Islander and a skilled linguist, Petrus, a politician turned missionary aligned with the religious Theleme, and Kurt, a mercenary of the Coin Guard. The fifth and final companion remains a mystery.


You can travel with up to two companions at once. Your relationship with each will impact your relationship with their faction. Who you bring on quests will alter the way the story unfolds, offering new opportunities and potential roadblocks. Mistreating your companions or their organizations can cause them to leave your party forever, possibly creating a permanent enemy. In contrast, it appears you can also romance certain companions and possibly other NPCs depending on your gender. 

Greedfall comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on September 10, 2019.