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A Hat In Time Finally Gets A Release Date For Nintendo Switch

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A Hat in Time, the fan-favorite throwback to classic 90s platformers, launched for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One back in 2017. You play as Hat Kid as she quests across an alien planet in search of the magical hourglasses she needs to power her space ship. When developer Gears for Breakfast announced the Seal the Deal DLC last year, they teased that the game was "coming soon" to Switch. Fast forward almost twelve months and the Nintendo Switch release date has finally been announced.


The Nintendo Switch version of A Hat in Time will include some exciting features. Anyone who purchases the game will also receive a code for the Seal the Deal DLC, which you can download from the Nintendo eShop. Previously a PC exclusive, PlayStation 4 and Xbox players continue to wait for the content, which adds a new chapter, challenge mode, bonus levels, cosmetic items, and photo filters. Switch users will also enjoy new local full-screen cooperative play, marking the A Hat in Time co-op console debut.

A Hat in Time received glowing reviews from critics, who praised its weirdness, creative levels, and nostalgic 3D platforming. ""Charm" is a word that gets thrown around far too often in discussing games these days, but virtually every frame of A Hat in Time warrants it. Months from now, I'll likely remember it less for all the bouncing around and more for Hat Girl's "can-do" look at she dons a deerstalker cap,' said IGN's Leif Johnson. 


"It captures the spirit of early Nintendo not only in the strength of its platforming, but also because of its near-saccharine purity, which gets smartly shattered at perfect moments such as when Mustache Girl starts talking about cutting up all the mafia guys and stuffing them in little jars."

A Hat in Time comes to Nintendo Switch on October 18, 2019. You can pre-order the physical copy for $39.99.