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GTA Online Rewards You For Getting Wasted With A Secret Mission

The addition of the Diamond Casino & Resort to Grand Theft Auto Online has turned out to be quite the astute business move, drawing in the highest number of active players since Grand Theft Auto 5 launched back in 2013. A new secret mission continues the fun, rallying the game's high rollers for a night of binge drinking that, to borrow Barney Stinson's catchphrase, should prove nothing short of "Legendary."


To complete the secret mission, you first need to purchase a Diamond Casino & Resort penthouse which provides access to the new story missions added as part of the casino update. By playing the first mission, Loose Cheng, you'll unlock casino work missions, short quests you can request over the phone. The secret mission does not require any phone calls; instead, you need to get rip-roaring drunk.

Head to your private penthouse bar or the casino's public bar and start slamming back shots of Macbeth Whisky. Each shot will make your character super intoxicated before they eventually black out and come to in a different location. Keep doing shots until you wake up in the mission. The amount of shots you must take varies from person to person, with some players reporting access to the mission after as few as 50 shots. Other still haven't found the secret after sending 167 drinks down the hatch.


This is not the first time Rockstar has used shots of Macbeth Whisky to reveal secret content. As part of last year's nightclub update, players woke up in different parts of the city after drinking the potent alcohol. If you did enough shots, you might eventually wake up with an exclusive shirt. 

The reward for the secret casino mission is less impressive even if there is some funny dialogue along the way. Like sobering up after real-life benders, you'll be left with a sense of disappointment and bewilderment as you question why you thought drinking so much was a good idea in the first place.