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How Many People Still Play Apex Legends?

There's no question that Apex Legends started out hot. The game launched without a hitch, players really took to it, and — for a brief period — it even passed Fortnite as the most-streamed battle royale game. But how many have stuck with it? How many people still play Apex Legends?


Unfortunately, that question is extremely tricky to answer at this time.

The last solid numbers we have from Apex Legends are from a month after its release. Following its launch, Apex shared its player count a number of times, each figure larger than the last. But that ended in March 2019, when Respawn Entertainment announced that Apex Legends had over 50 million players.

It's rather strange to dive back in time to that period and see excited tweets from fans. It's a far cry from what the game's community looks like at press time, as Respawn Entertainment and the Apex Legends player base are now figuratively at each other's throats.

With that in mind — and also given the passage of time — we have to believe that Apex Legends isn't anywhere close to that 50 million player mark anymore. In terms of Twitch viewers, it's fallen far from that number one spot, routinely being found outside the top ten. And Fortnite's done its part to lure its players back into the fold by issuing more frequent updates and more friendly ways to earn cosmetics.


Fortnite, by the way, reigns on Twitch once again. And it's doing so without Ninja, who left the platform for Mixer and presumably took a horde of fans with him.

We can't say for certain how many people are playing Apex Legends these days, but if we had to speculate, we'd guess the number ranges from the single-digit millions to somewhere in the teens. We won't know for certain until Respawn Entertainment offers up some updated figures, and seeing as the game has likely dropped off in a big way since its launch, we don't anticipate that happening anytime soon.